GC valves

Valco valves for gas chromatography have been in almost all commercially-produced GCs from the time that GC valves began to replace other injection methods.

GC diaphragm valves

The VICI diaphragm valve is designed for trouble-free use in applications requiring minimal maintenance and maximum lifetime.


Valco GC fittigns

Valco fittings are compression fittings, in which a ferrule is compressed onto the tube as a nut is tightened. They offer the best stability and reliability for GC applications.

Capillary columns

capillary columns

ValcoBond and ValcoPLOT capillary columns meet the highest quality standards for resolution, retention characteristics, inertness, bleed, and reproducibility. The ValcoPLOT line includes our unique HayeSep PLOT columns.


Our PDD (pulsed discharge detector) utilizes a stable, low-powered, pulsed DC discharge in helium as the ionization source, which yields performance equal to or better than conventional radioactive sources.

The microvolume, dual filament TCD is a stand-alone unit optimized for capillary chromatography and enhanced sensitivity at low flow rates.

Fast GC components

fast GC column heater

VICI's single channel and multichannel fast temperature programmers (FTPs) are designed for precise temperature programming with rapid heating and cooling of a low mass nickel-wire-wrapped column.is designed for precise temperature programming with rapid heating and cooling of a low mass nickel-clad or nickel-wire column. The column is resistively-heated by applying a low-voltage current to the column coating or wire.

Gas purifiers

Contaminant traps and gas purifiers for specific gases dramatically reduce the levels of contaminants, enhance the purity of lower grade helium, and help ensure instrument stability and reproducibility while lowering maintenance costs.

gas purifier gas purifier

Gas generators

Hydrogen generators and nitrogen generators from VICI DBS offer safe, economical, and convenient alternatives to gas cylinders in GC applications.

nitrogen generator hydrogen generator

HayeSep porous polymers

hayesep porous polymers

HayeSep porous polymers are macroporous, spherical, ultrapure resins for performing unique separations in gas chromatography. Columns packed with HayeSep polymers produce lower bleed and more reproducible characteristics than those packed with any competing polymeric product.

Trace gas analyzers

trace gas analyzer

VICI Trace Gas Analyzer Systems are fully configured and tested gas chromatographs designed for use in high purity and ultra high purity analysis. Each instrument is fully configured and tested per user requirements.