Oxygen Removal System

oxygen removal system

The classic problem in trace analysis is separating the trace impurities (components of interest) from the bulk gas (main component). This can be accomplished with very long columns, but the result is a slow analysis and poor chromatography.

If the bulk gas is oxygen, the best way to find the impurities starts with using the Valco oxygen removal system to remove the oxygen, leaving behind only the impurities for analysis. Our system uses a proprietary gettering alloy, which is heated to the temperature at which it specifically absorbs oxygen.

Single and dual systems are available. Each system includes a three port valve for gas selection to the trap and a six port valve for selecting between operate or regenerate mode. The dual version uses a 10 port valve to select one trap for use while the other trap is in the regenerate mode. This has the advantage of allowing one trap to be reconditioned while the other is still available for use, virtually eliminating downtime.


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