HayeSep® Porous Polymers

HayeSep porous polymers

HayeSep porous polymers are macroporous, spherical, ultrapure resins for performing unique separations in gas chromatography. Columns packed with HayeSep polymers produce lower bleed and more reproducible characteristics than those packed with any competing polymeric product, and they require minimum conditioning.

HayeSep polymers are thoroughly cleaned and preconditioned for twelve hours under oxygen-free nitrogen before packaging. Our handling techniques produce polymers which are consistent, with no shrinkage and minimum bleed.

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HayeSep A

Separates permanent gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon monoxide, and nitric oxide) at ambient temperatures. Also exhibits good separation characteristics for the C2's, hydrogen sulphide, and water at higher temperatures.

HayeSep B

Separates C1 and C2 amines as well as trace levels of ammonia and water. Eliminates the need for caustic washing of material prior to packing.

HayeSep C

Separates polar hydrocarbons such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and water. Separation characteristics are similar to Chromosorb® 104.

HayeSep D
(Dip, Deb, Dox, and DB)

High purity divinylbenzene, unavailable anywhere else. Superior separation characteristics for light gases, including the separation of CO and CO2 from room air at ambient temperatures and the separation of acetylene prior to other C2's. Particularly useful in the separation and analysis of water and hydrogen sulphide. Available in four formulations.

HayeSep N, P, Q, R, S, and T

These polymers are interchangeable with the Porapak® series for separations of low molecular weight materials containing halogens, sulphurs, water, alcohols, glycols, free fatty acids, esters, ketones, and aldehydes. Consult the table of relative retention times.


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