Capillary Columns from VICI Metronics

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capillary columns

ValcoBond® and ValcoPLOT® capillary columns meet the highest quality standards for resolution, retention characteristics, inertness, bleed, and reproducibility.

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ValcoBond® capillary columns

  • Individually tested
  • High temperature range
  • Competitive pricing

We use proprietary liquid phase processing to produce low bleed characteristics while maintaining identical retention characteristics to the phases you are used to.

ValcoPLOT® capillary columns

  • Unique HayeSep phases
  • Alumina with KCl or Na2S04 deactivation

Reduce run time by replacing packed columns with ValcoPLOT HayeSep capillary PLOT columns. VP-Hayesep columns feature the widest polarity range, are faster than micropacked columns, and are water tolerant. Characteristics are identical to HayeSep packed columns.

We also offer Alumina and Molesieve PLOT columns.



Contact us to find out more about ValcoBond and ValcoPLOT columns. Customers in North America can call toll-free: (877) 737-1887.