Nickel-Clad Fused Silica

Nickel-clad fused silica
  • Inert, flexible transfer lines
  • Improved heat transfer

We take polyimide-coated fused silica (FS) and remove the polyimide layer. Then we electro-chemically plate the FS with pure nickel. The resulting nickel-plated FS tube provides superior heat transfer to the FS lining, permitting use as a flexible transfer line with the best qualities of silica-lined stainless but with improved heat transfer and a shorter bend radius.

The 1/32" OD tubing is available in IDs from .002" to .010".

For high pressure applications, we recommend using our 1/32" 316 stainless ferrules.

Optional gold plating

Nickel-clad fused silica tubing is also available with gold-plated ends.