Electroformed Nickel Tubing

efni tubing
Electroformed nickel tubing sizes compared to a dime
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  • 360 µm OD / .001" ID
  • Internal surface with 1-2 microinch finish
  • Minimum carryover potential
  • Smallest IDs on the market – custom sizes available
  • Precise internal volume
  • Ideal for transfer lines, sample loops, columns, restrictors, and fixed flow arrays.

Our microbore EFNi tubing is made by electroplating nickel over a diamond-drawn mandrel in a continuous process. When the mandrel is removed from the tubing, an internal surface with a mirror-like 1-2 microinch finish remains. The ductile nature of nickel allows the tubing to be easily manipulated. Unlike glass- or silica-lined stainless, EFNi can accept tight bends and cutting without heating, and does not release damaging glass fragments or silica particles.

Tubing OD Tubing ID Max length Product No.
360 µm 0.001" 1 foot TEFNI.101
0.002" 2 feet TEFNI.102
0.004" 10 feet TEFNI.104
0.005" 10 feet TEFNI.105
0.007" 10 feet TEFNI.107
1/32" 0.002" 2 feet TEFNI.502
0.004" 10 feet TEFNI.504
0.005" 10 feet TEFNI.505
0.007" 10 feet TEFNI.507
0.010" 10 feet TEFNI.510
0.012" 10 feet TEFNI.512
0.015" 10 feet TEFNI.515
0.020" 10 feet TEFNI.520
1/16" 0.020" 10 feet TEFNI120
0.030" 20 feet TEFNI130
0.040" 50 feet TEFNI140


A comparison of the interiors of EFNi, Nickel 200 tubing, and Type 316 stainless tubing shows the quality of the electroformed nickel tubing surface.



For pricing purposes, the length is rounded up to the next foot. For example, a 5" piece is charged as one foot; an 18" piece as two feet. The price per foot is based on the length of each piece, not the total quantity ordered. Cutting and cleaning charges are NOT included in the price per foot.