PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing

PEEK tubing has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting, and is not affected by halide salts, high strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel. The polymer surface will not leach metal ions into the eluent or extract metal-sensitive components from the sample.

Natural PEEK

Available in custom lengths (priced per foot) and precut lengths of 10, 25, or 100 feet; and 5, 10, or 25 meters.

Dual-layer PEEK

Inner layer of natural PEEK, outer layer of color-coded PEEK. No possibility of stream coming in contact with coloring agents.

Solid color PEEK

Color-coding identifies the ID of your PEEK tubing – each ID is coded with a different color.

Striped color PEEK

A stripe is added to the outside, so dye never contacts the fluid stream.


PEEK is a registered trademark of Victrex.