Dual-Layer Color-Coded PEEK Tubing

Dual layer PEEK tubing
  • Inner layer of natural PEEK, outer layer of color-coded PEEK
  • No possibility of stream coming in contact with coloring agents
  • Pressure performance equivalent to single layer tubing
  • 1/16" OD, ID from .004" to .030"

Our Dual Layer PEEK tubing eliminates any concern that a critical sample stream could be contaminated by pigments used to color code the tubing. It looks like any other color-coded tubing at first glance, but a closer look reveals that the pigmented layer surrounds a separate but integrally-bonded inner layer of natural PEEK.

Dual layer PEEK tubing

The 1/16" OD tubing is available in standard sizes, or in OEM quantities with any ID you specify, from .002" to .030". The ID tolerance of ±.001" is equivalent to or better than that of tubing typically sold as premium grade.

Tubing ID Color Bar* Psi* Product No.
.004" Black 460 6700 JR-TD-5804
.005" Red 460 6700 JR-TD-6007
.007" Yellow 440 6400 JR-TD-6008
.010" Blue 420 6100 JR-TD-6009
.020" Orange 345 5000 JR-TD-6010
.030" Green 262 3800 JR-TD-6011

* Recommended maximum permanent working pressures calculated
  from the burst pressure and the factor 2.5



< 100°C (continuous) for 1/16" OD tubing with ID up to .75 mm


All colorants used in the manufacture of our tubing are RoHS-compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).


PEEK is a registered trademark of Victrex.