This section includes Valco stainless steel needle valves, combination on/off needle valves, high pressure prime/purge and on/off valves, pressure regulators, and flow controllers.

On/off and prime/purge valves

High pressure on/off and prime/purge valves feature quality engineering, precision machining, and extremely low internal volume (< 2 µl). In prime/purge models, mobile phase flows aroud the needle when the valve is closed, relieving the back pressure from the column. When the valve opens, mobile phase vents to waste to prime the pump.

on/off valves

Gas flow controllers

Flow controllers provide a stable flow rate under varying pressure. An upstream-referenced controller maintains the flow rate as long as the upstream (inlet) pressure is held constant; a downstream-referenced controller maintains a constant flow under constant downstream (outlet) pressure.

 model 202

Micrometering (needle) valves

Micrometering valves combine the ease of connection of Valco zero dead volume fittings with convenient bulkhead mounting. Ideal for use as a gas control valve in chromatographic systems.

micrometering valve

Combo valves

Combo valves incorporate needle and shut-off valve functions, providing a settable flow rate with positive shut-off.

valco combo valves

Combo Pressure regulators

The combo pressure regulator is a combination regulator and shut-off valve. They are available with 1/16" internal, 1/8" internal, and 1/8" external fittings.

 combo pressure regulator

Pressure regulators

VICI regulators are machined from aluminum bar stock and then hard-anodized to provide contamination-free service. They features a stainless steel diaphragm and Viton-sealed stainless poppet.

 pressure regulator


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