Instrumentation Temperature Controller

instrumentation temperature controller

The ITC2 is an isothermal proportional controller for use in thermal systems common to analytical instrumentation, and is most often used with Valco Heated Valve Enclosures (HVEs).

The desired temperature, from 0°C to 400°C, is set in 1°C increments on the front panel. A thermocouple sensor permits quick recognition of temperature changes, providing temperature control within 1°C of the setpoint.

Maximum output current is 5 amps, provided via an IEC320 C14 connector. An adapter cord to NEMA 5-15R is provided for convenient connection to 110 VAC HVE heater assemblies. Connection to other than 110 VAC assemblies requires the appropriate adapter, not included.

Instrumentation temperature controller

Description Product No.
Instrumentation Temperature Controller ITC2
Replacement thermocouple I-21014-01


Power supply 100 to 240 VAC (±10%), 50/60Hz
    Maximum consumption 1100 VA
Operation temperature 0 - 50°C
Relative humidity 80% @ 30°C*
Input Type K thermocouple
    Internal resolution 15 bits
    Resolution of display 0.1° Celsius
    Control Range -20° to 400° Celsius
    Rate of reading Up to 5/second
    Accuracy ± 0.25% of span ± 1 degree
Output 5 amps max, 100-240 VAC

* For temperatures above 30° Celsius, reduce 3% for each degree.