Column/Fan Modules

Column-fan module for Fast GC
Column/fan module for Fast GC
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  • Column, fan, transfer lines, sensors, and connections in one unit
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots with resistively-heated transfer lines with low mass 40 gauge K thermocouple
  • Wide selection of column types, sizes, and phases
  • Choice of high-flow fans for fast cooling

When you buy an FTP-200 and specify the components to be assembled into one of these modules, the FTP-200 and module leave the factory configured for plug-and-play implementation.

Select a fused silica, metal, or packed column with any phase, in sizes from 1 m x 100 m to 30 m x 530 m. Transfer lines can be up to a meter long, and cooling fans are available in a variety of sizes and voltages. The finished module can be specified with a wall-mount bracket, or free-standing, with our without legs.

Shown below is a schematic of an example used to produce a one minute SimDis analysis. (View chromatogram)


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