Permeation Device Discount for Dynacalibrator Customers

Purchasing a Dyncalibrator® qualifies you for the Loyal Customer Discount on our permeation tubes and devices. The following discounts apply, based on list price.

Proof of purchase is required.

Time of purchase Reorder Bulk purchase (same device)
  • 25% off for one perm tube
  • 5% discount on all future purchases
  • 10% off on reorder of the same perm tube
  • 25% off for one perm tube when your Dynacalibrator is returned for recalibration
  • 10% off for 10-24 devices
  • 15% off for 25-49 devices
  • 20% off for 50-99 devices
  • Call for quote on larger quantities


Contact us for more information.