Last Drop Mobile Phase Filter/Sparger

combination filter and sparger
Last Drop mobile phase filter/sparger
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The Last Drop filter/sparger combines filtration and sparging in a single unit. The PTFE housing contains a mobile phase filter with either a stainless steel or a PTFE 2.5 micron filter element.

The filter/sparger features a PEEK tripod connector which slips into 1.5, 2.2, or 3.5 mm ID solvent lines, and a nut and ferrule for the sparging line.

Description Filter element Product No.
Last Drop filter/sparger
  2.5 µm filter
  10 µm sparger
PTFE JR-9000-0602
Stainless steel JR-9000-0640



Use the metal-free PTFE version for sensitive biochromatography applications where metal surfaces may interact with samples or corrode.