Valco Filters for GC - Replacement Frits and Screens

Do I need a replacement frit or a replacement screen?

The best place to start is with the product number of your existing filter. Selecting the correct replacement frit or screen can be quite challenging without the filter product number, even for our sales and technical support staff.

If you have the product number, here is the critical information: all filters with replaceable frits have a product number which ends with an F, for frit. In most cases, there is an identical product number without the F for a nearly identical filter with a replaceable screen.

Once you determine from the product number which type of filter element you need, make the proper selection below.

If you don't know the product number, read this >.

Visual identification of frits and screens

If you do cannot determine from the product number if you need a frit or a screen, you must take apart the filter and examine the filter element itself to determine the diameter and whether it is a frit or a screen. The diameter is easily determined by measurement with any simple ruler on hand.

Measuring the thickness requires calipers, but here is a useful guideline: the thickest screen is 0.125 mm. For comparison, a typical double-edged razor blade is .1mm - .12mm. In contrast, the thinnest 1/16" frit is 0.75 mm thick; two of them stacked are roughly the thickness of a dime. Hope that narrows it down a bit! Hide >

Replacement frits

replacement frits

Replacement frits are available in titanium, stainless, and Hastelloy C, in several pore sizes.

Replacement screens

replacement screens

Replacement stainless steel screens for Valco GC filters are available in several thicknesses and pore sizes.




Frits and screens have significantly different thicknesses, so they cannot be used interchangeably in the same filter body.