Fill Ports - for Cheminert 1/16" Polymeric Valves

fill ports for metal valves

These fill ports allow manual loading of polymeric sample injectors via 22 gauge syringes.

Be sure to order the high pressure fill port for HPLC polymeric injectors, since the fitting detail in the high pressure Cheminert valve is unique: the pilot length is longer than for low pressure fill ports.

Description Product No.
For high pressure injectors fill port Models C2, C3, C4, and C52 C-VISF-1H*
For low pressure injectors and fittings fill port Models C22Z and C62Z C-VISF-1
Replacement parts fill port liner Liner for C-VISF-1 VISL-1
fill port liner Liner for C-VISF-1H VISL-1H*
fill port liner Ferrule for C-VISF-1 or C-VISF-1H ZF1VISF

*Available as special-order items.