Internal Reducers

internal reducers
Internal reducers
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  • Now with new body material to eliminate galling and reduce thread friction!

Valco's internal reducer (IZR) allows smaller tubing to be used in valves with fitting details for larger tubing, forming a positive leak-free seal with zero dead volume. The small line from your system goes directly into the IZR and the sample goes directly into the valve, without the short pieces of connecting tubing required if a reducing union was used instead. Once the fitting is installed, only one wrench is required to remove and reinstall it.

A second version has a 2 micron stainless steel frit pressed into the end of the liner, adding filtering capability. However, we suggest using these only as a final or backup filter, with a standard Valco filter as the primary filter. Because IZRs have a much smaller surface area than the standard filter, they tend to plug too often if used in a stand-alone capacity.

The most recent addition is an IZR for direct connection of 360 µm tubing to a 1/32" Valco valve or fitting detail. It is available in two versions - one with a stainless nut and ferrule and one with PEEK. Both have a stainless steel body.

1/8" to 1/16" internal reducer
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Tubing OD Bore Version Product No.
1/32" to 360 µm 380 µm for PEEK or FS tubing, < 10K psi C360IZR.5TS6PK
for FS tubing, ≥ 10K psi C360IZR.5TS6FS
for metal tubing, < 20K psi C360IZR.5TS6
1/16" to 360 µm 380 µm for PEEK or FS tubing, < 10K psi C360IZR1S6PK
for FS tubing, ≥ 10K psi C360IZR1S6FS
for metal tubing, < 20K psi C360IZR1S6
1/16" to 1/32" 0.25 mm without frit IZR1.5
0.50 mm without frit IZR1.5L
1/32" without frit IZR1.5T
1/8" to 1/16" 0.25 mm without frit IZR21C
0.50 mm without frit IZR21
1.0 mm without frit IZR21L
with frit IZR21LF
1/16" without frit IZR21T

1/4" reducers and other versions with a 2 micron frit are available as special order items.




While a reducing ferrule will perform the same function as an IZR, it makes a seal of much less integrity.