External to Internal Adapters and Reducers

external to internal adapters
External to internal adapters and reducers
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Valco's EZAs (external adapters) and EZRs (external reducers) adapt an external tee or union or the external type fittings common on injectors and detectors to Valco zero dead volume connections. While an external to internal union or reducing union plus a length of tubing can accomplish the same thing, these adapters do the trick with a single fitting. Only one wrench is required to change tubes after the fitting is made up.

Standard material is 300 series stainless.

Note: EZAs do not include a nut and ferrule, since EZAs are commonly used to connect an external fitting to an existing tube already made up with a Valco internal fitting. EZRs includes a liner, one nut, and two ferrules.

EZA2 and EZR21
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Tubing OD Bore Product No.
1/16" ext. to 1/16" int. - EZA1
1/8" ext. to 1/8" int. - EZA2
1/16" ext. to 1/32" int. 0.25 mm EZR1.5
1/32" EZR1.5T
1/8" ext. to 1/32" int. 0.25 mm EZR2.5
1/8" ext. to 1/16" int. 0.50 mm EZR21
1/16" EZR21T
1/4" ext. to 1/16" int. 1.0 mm EZR41
1/16" EZR41T
1/4" ext. to 1/8" int. 1.0 mm EZR42
1/8" EZR42T