Zero Dead Volume Fill Ports for 1/16" Cheminert and Valco Valves

fill ports for metal valves

The ZVISF-1 is a unique fill port designed to minimize sample carryover.

A leaktight seal is formed against the face of the bottom of the fitting detail instead of at the end of an angular ferrule, resulting in a true zero dead volume connection with no carry over or sample loss.

The polymer bushing snaps into the knurled PEEK nut, providing the convenience of a one-piece fitting. An ultrathin metal sleeve surrounds and supports the portion of the bushing which extends into the pilot of the fitting detail, preventing the bushing from mushrooming and getting stuck in the pilot as the fitting is tightened.

All fittings below are for use with a 22 gauge blunt tip needle.

These are special-order items. Contact us for more information.

Description Product No.
For high pressure 1/16" Cheminert injectors with polymeric stators (Models C2, C3, C4, and C52) fill port PFA bushing (standard) ZVISF-1PFAH
High density polyethylene bushing (for high throughput apps) ZVISF-1PEH
For low pressure 1/16" Cheminert injectors and fittings, and most Valco 1/16" injectors fill port PFA bushing (standard) ZVISF-1PFA
High density polyethylene bushing (for high throughput apps) ZVISF-1PE