Column-to-valve connector

column-to-valve connector
Column to valve connector
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Internal fittings provide the smallest possible fitting volume. But there are situations, such as when you're using graphite ferrules which tend to become lodged in internal details, when an external fitting might be more desirable. A typical situation of that nature is the connection of a fused silica capillary to a valve. Our unique internal to external reducer/adapter permits the 1/32" nut to be tightened without affecting the 1/16" connection.

The 1/32" FS adapters must be ordered separately.

Capillary column to valve adapter
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Description Bore Product No.
1/16" to 1/32"
internal to external
0.25 mm IZERA1.5C
0.5 mm IZERA1.5M
1.0 mm IZERA1.5
For tubing OD:
1/32" FS adapters
(pkg. of 5)
≤ 0.20 mm FS.2-5
0.20 mm ≤ 0.25 mm FS.25-5
0.25 mm ≤ 0.36 mm FS.36-5
0.36 mm ≤ 0.40 mm FS.4-5
0.40 mm ≤ 0.50 mm FS.5-5
0.50 mm ≤ 0.80 mm ZF.5V-5




  • Which adapter for my column?
  • Use only polymeric ferrules for 1/16" and 1/32" external fitting details. Metal ferrules might distort the fitting.