Fused Silica Fittings


fused silica adapters

Valco fused silica adapters allow the use of fused silica tubing in 1/16" and 1/32" fitting details. One piece adapters are generally used in fittings, while the two piece are better for valves.

Low mass external union

fused silica union

The 1/32" low mass external union is specially designed for use with capillary columns in GC.

Injector nut for HP 5890 and 6890

injector nut

This self-compensating nut is a direct replacement for the standard nut on the split/splitless injectors of Agilent GCs.

Make-up adapter

make-up adapter

The make-up adapter connects a capillary column to a valve or detector while adding a make-up gas.

Column-to-valve connector

column-to-valve connector

This internal to external reducer/adapter provides a stream-lined low volume method for connecting and reconnecting a fused silica capillary to a valve.