Standard Precolumns (guard columns)

guard columns

Precolumns are available in 2 cm and 5 cm lengths, and can be filled with either 5µ packing or 37 - 44µ pellicular packing. Both lengths are used in conjunction with a column end fitting. When packed for high efficiency they can be used as analytical columns, but a more typical use is as a guard column installed between the injector and the analytical column.

Standard material is Type 316 stainless.

Each precolumn system includes:

  • One precolumn insert
  • One column end fitting (see illustration below)
  • One 2µ frit

Precolumn inserts are also sold for use with your existing column end fitting.

NOTE: These precolumns are non-stock items, available on special order. Call for a quote.

1/4" x 2 cm pre-column
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1/4" x 5 cm pre-column
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NOTE: As a courtesy to our OEMs, VICI does not supply pre-packed columns.




  • When packing columns, use Valco's through-type unions to couple the column to the packing reservoir.
  • Standard column end fittings are Type 316 stainless, but since the column wall and frit form over 99% of the column surface area, standard fittings with titanium frits can generally be used on inert columns.