Purifier for CI/MS Applications from VICI Metronics

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Purifier for CI/MS applications
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  • 1/8" compression fittings
  • 1000 psig pressure rating
  • Compatible with most CI gases
  • Welded stainless steel body

The use of Chemical Ionization Mass Spectroscopy has increased in recent years, with instrumentation to perform this sensitive analytical technique now available commercially. In response to this growth, VICI Metronics has developed a gas purifier designed specifically for the unique demands of chemical ionization.

Several types of contaminants are detrimental to CI performance - notably moisture, heavy hydrocarbons, halocarbons, and oxygen. A Metronics CI purifier module placed in line with the gas delivery system removes these contaminants, reducing levels from many parts per million to levels that are below the lower limit of analytical detection, and retains them for the operating life of the purifier. (Recommended replacement is after three bottles of gas, or if detector baseline drift and noise become apparent.)

A very high capacity has been engineered into the gas purifier by using several different materials for gross contaminant removal and additional materials for the removal of trace amounts of the contaminants. Three separate adsorption chemistries are incorporated into the operating design of the gas purifier to ensure the optimal capacity and efficiency. This successive bad format insures high capacity as well as a very high efficiency for the removal of contaminants that can be present in even high purity methane.

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Multiple bed format
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Fitting size Length Product No.
1/8" 22.5" P500-1



Max inlet pressure:
  1000 psi;
Max recommended flow:
  500 mL/min