Carbon Dioxide Gas Purifier for High Purity Applications

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Carbon dioxide gas purifier for high purity applications
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  • Outperforms carbon-based hydrocarbon traps
  • Larger number and variety of contaminants removed
  • Optimized for the high flows of process equipment

These modules, designed to be placed in-line with the CO2 gas supply, use patented adsorptive materials to capture and retain a broad spectrum of hydrocarbons, halocarbons, and other contaminants that can be present in your CO2 gas delivery system. The contaminants are retained for the operating life of the purifier, which is typically good for four tanks of CO2.

Performance is optimized by incorporating a multiple bed format so that each successive bed functions at a lower contaminant concentration. The result is a series of contaminant concentration gradients across the length of the module.

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Multiple bed format
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Fitting size Length Product No.
1/8" 22.5" P600-1
1/4" 22.5" P600-2



Max inlet pressure:
  1000 psi; Recommended flow:
  500 mL/min