Metronics Gas Purifiers sold by Grace Alltech

For many years, Metronics purifiers and contaminant traps have been supplied for rebranding as Grace Alltech products. Identical units are still available from VICI Metronics.

Purifiers Alltech Product No. VICI Product No.
Air 1/8" fittings AL7029 P400-1
1/4" fittings AL7031 P400-2
Helium 1/8" fittings AL7008 P100-1
1/4" fittings AL7010 P100-2
Hydrogen 1/8" fittings AL7026 P200-1
1/4" fittings AL7028 P200-2
Nitrogen 1/8" fittings AL7007 P300-1
1/4" fittings AL7009 P300-2
Traps Alltech Product No. VICI Product No.
Hydrocarbon 1/8" fittings AL7035 T200-1
1/4" fittings AL7038 T200-2
Moisture 1/8" fittings AL7034 T100-1
1/4" fittings AL7036 T100-2
Oxygen 1/8" fittings AL7040 T300-1
1/4" fittings AL7042 T300-2



Not to be used for purification of oxygen