Mininert™ Valves with Standard Tapers from VICI Precision Sampling

Mininert valves with standard tapers

The laboratory taper model brings Mininert convenience and ease to a variety of applications using standard laboratory glassware, such as reaction chambers, test tubes, and other glass systems.

Cap/thread size Product No.
14/20 621102
19/22 621103


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Mininert valves can be used at temperature up to 105°F. However, after use at high temperatures, the valve may leak slightly when cooled to room temperature.


PTFE is highly inert and may be used with most common materials. It is particularly useful for working with most acids and organic solvents. However, problems may be encountered when used with organometallics and some strong bases. We recommend actual exposure tests before use with any material.


The sealing ability of Mininert valves is more than adequate for con-taining most volatile liquids and gases at low pressures. Mininert valves have been used as high as 120 psi without leakage, but this is not a recommendation for pressurizing glass containers to these levels. Such pressurization of glass containers can be extremely dangerous.