Bulkhead Internal Unions – High Pressure PEEK

PEEK bulkhead unions
High pressure PEEK bulkhead union
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Bulkhead unions are designed to be mounted through an instrument panel or on a bracket. The fitting body is undercut so that it bites into the panel when the mounting nut is tightened, eliminating the need for a lock washer. An O-ring can be installed between the body and the panel to allow operation in purged environments. Typically the mounting nut goes inside the instrument, so that the long threaded portion will be out of sight.

Internal unions have female threads and a fitting detail for zero volume fittings. The nuts have male (external) threads.

Description Bore Panel hole
Product No.
1/16" fingertight 0.25 mm 3/8" ZBU1CFPK

Other sizes and bores available as special order items.