360 µm Fittings for Fused Silica Tubing, ≥ 10,000 psi

360 micron stainless fittings

These fittings are constructed of HPLC grade stainless steel, with stainless steel nut and a special ferrule which is precision machined from electroformed nickel. For optimal sealing characteristics, the ferrule is gold plated.

360 micron tee

Tees and crosses (right) have a tapped 3/8" boss, so they can be mounted with a 6/40 screw.

Description Bore Product No.
Nut/ferrule 360 micron nut-ferrule for FS C360NFFS
Cap 360 micron cap for FS C360CFS
Union 360 micron union for FS 50 micron C360UFS2
100 micron C360UFS4
150 micron C360UFS6
Reducing union,
1/32" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union for FS 50 micron C360RU.5FS2
100 micron C360RU.5FS4
150 micron C360RU.5FS6
Reducing union,
1/16" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union for FS 150 micron C360RU1FS6
Tee 360 micron tee 50 micron C360TS6FS2
100 micron C360TS6FS4
150 micron C360TS6FS6
Cross 360 micron cross 50 micron C360XS6FS2
100 micron C360XS6FS4
150 micron C360XS6FS6
Internal reducer 1/32" to 360 micron 380 micron C360IZR.5TS6FS
1/16" to 360 micron 380 micron C360IZR1S6FS
Tightening tool 360 micron tightening tool C360ET



  • Grooves on the fitting body indicate the bore size (PEEK union shown):
360 fittings ID
  • The manual tightening tool at the bottom of the product table is recommended for installing 360 micron fittings, which are easily overtightened when a standard wrench is used.


  • Our new fitting connects a 360 µm FS tube directly into a 1/16" fitting detail, with the bore of the FS tube precisely aligning with the bore of the valve. Product information