Plugs – High Pressure PEEK

PEEK plugs
High pressure PEEK plugs
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PEEK plugs are available in knurled fingertight and wrench-tight hex nut designs, for use in Cheminert low pressure valves with PEEK 1/16" ZDV fittings and in all Cheminert PEEK fittings.

Note: Do not use these nuts in Cheminert HPLC valves. Instead, use the special PEEK plugs for HPLC polymeric valves.

Description Length of nut Product No.
1/32" fingertight .42" ZP.5FPK
.54" LZP.5FPK
1/16" fingertight .87" ZP1FPK
1/16" hex .62" MZP1PK
1/8" hex .62" ZP2PK

Also available in 1/2-20. Call for information on other sizes.