No Twist One-Piece Fittings – High Pressure PEEK

PEEK nuts
No-Twist one piece fittings
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Our patented* no twist fittings for 1/16" and 1/32" tubing offer the convenience of a one-piece fitting while solving a problem inherent to such designs. In other one-piece designs, the ferrule rotates against the fitting detail, creating particulates. The no twist design has a separate ferrule that snaps into the nut, so it's attached but still free to avoid rotation during tightening.

Since the ferrule is not machined onto the nut, it can be made from a different material. PEEK nut with PEEK ferrule, or PEEK nut with CTFE ferrule — the possibilities are endless.

Sold in packages of 5.

*Patent No. 7,316,777

Ferrule material Tubing OD Nut type Product No.
Glass-filled PEEK 1/32" Fingertight ZNF.5FPKG-5
1/16" Hex, short ZNF1PKG-5*
Hex, medium MZNF1PKG-5*
Hex, long LZNF1PKG-5*
Fingertight ZNF1FPKG-5
PEEK 1/32" Fingertight ZNF.5FPK-5
1/16" Hex, short ZNF1PK-5*
Hex, medium MZNF1PK-5*
Hex, long LZNF1PK-5*
Fingertight ZNF1FPK-5*
CTFE 1/16" Hex, short ZNF1KF-5*
Hex, medium MZNF1KF-5*
Hex, long LZNF1KF-5*
Fingertight ZNF1FKF-5*

*Available as special order items