Internal Unions – High Pressure PEEK

PEEK union

Internal unions have female threads and a fitting detail for zero volume fittings. The nuts have male (external) threads.

1/16" nuts are available in a choice of fingertight or hex.

Description Bore Product No.
1/16" fingertight 0.25 mm ZU1CFPK
0.50 mm ZU1MFPK
0.75 mm ZU1FPK
1/16" ZU1TFPK*
1/16" hex 0.25 mm ZU1CPK
0.50 mm ZU1MPK*
0.75 mm ZU1PK
1/16" ZU1TPK*

*Available as special order items. Call for information on 1/32" and 1/8" unions.