Dead-end Flowpath Selectors - High Pressure

SD selector flow schematic

SD valves select one of 4 to 16 dead-ended streams, directing it through the valve outlet to a sample valve, pressure sensor, detector, column, etc. The same configuration can also direct one stream to a number of outlets for fraction collection.

High pressure SD selectors are made of Nitronic 60, with a rotor made of Valco E, a polyaryletherketone/PTFE composite. Valves are rated for 5000 psi liquid at 75°C.

Valves can be actuated manually or automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. HPLC valves don't usually require a standoff, but they are offered, in lengths of 2", 3" 4", and 6".

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(Click right column to select) Fitting size Bore
Dead-end (SD) selectors 1/16" 0.40 mm
1/8" 0.75 mm