Materials of Construction

The standard valve body material is Nitronic 60, a gall-resistant stainless steel which has proven superior to Type 316 or 303 in the majority of applications. Valves may also be ordered in Hastelloy C-22, Inconel 600, Type 316 stainless, Monel 400, Nickel 200, Nitronic 50, or Titanium.

Medium temperature GC valves have a rotor made of Valcon E, a polyaryletherketone/PTFE composite. The high temperature versions use a polyimide/PTFE/carbon composite designated Valcon T. Valcon H, a carbon-fiber-reinforced, PTFE-lubricated inert polymer, is standard in HPLC valves.

Appropriate fittings are supplied with all valves. Valves rated at 1000 psi or less have Type 303 stainless ferrules; those rated above 1000 psi have Type 316 stainless ferrules. A valve ordered with an optional body material is supplied with ferrules of the same material as the body, with Type 316 stainless nuts.

Specifying a special body material

To specify a special valve body material, add the material code (see right column) to the end of the valve product number. Contact the factory to find out the additional cost.

An A4C6WE (air actuated 1/16" 6 port WE valve with a 4" standoff) made of Hastelloy C-22 would be designated A4C6WEHC.

Due to design requirements, several special grades of stainless steel may be used where "HPLC grade" is noted. The specific types include Nitronic 60, Type 316 stainless steel, and Type 316L stainless steel. VICI will select the material to be used based on availability and quality. HPLC grade stainless is the standard material for all Valco two position valves and high pressure multiposition valves.



Body material Code
HPLC grade stainless SS
Hastelloy C-22 HC
Inconel 600 IN
Monel 400 M4
Nickel NI
Nitronic 50 N5
Titanium* TI

* Titanium is not available for high temperature valves (WT, UWT, and T series) due to material temperature limits.