About Valco Fittings


Valco fitting details are designed with a consistent pilot depth, permitting reliable interchangeability as connections are revised or fittings are replaced. This interchangeability extends throughout the Valco and Cheminert fitting and valve product lines. Indeed, the Valco standard has been so widely copied that Valco and Cheminert fittings are, in general, fully interchangeable with those of our major competitors. In initial installations, Valco ferrules will often improve other manufacturers' fitting connections.

fitting interchangeability

Because of variations in tubing OD and in pilot and taper designs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the amount of tubing extending beyond the made up ferrule can vary. (The most radical variation is in the fittings manufactured by Waters. Based on the old Swagelok design, they have a pilot depth considerably longer than standard.)

Figure 1 shows a properly made up fitting. If that same fitting is installed in a detail which was designed for a slightly longer tube extension (as in Figure 2), dead volume will be introduced. In the opposite case, with the pilot shorter than the pilot depth (Figure 3), the tube will bottom out before the ferrule has sealed. However, our tests prove that except in the most extreme cases, a Valco ferrule will "creep" on the tubing until it reaches the bottom of the ferrule taper, making a proper seal.

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  1. No tubing deformation
  2. Interchangeability
  3. Cleaning procedures
  4. Precision machining, finishing, and tolerances
  5. Comparison of compression fitting designs


The analytical devices market has attracted numerous companies which copy Valco/ Cheminert designs. Please exercise caution in the use of copies, which may not be compatible with the original versions in this catalog.

Because of VICI's high volume production and dedicated machinery, our fittings are often less expensive and of consistently higher quality than competing copies.