Magnum Series Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

magnum series syringe
Magnum syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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  • Built-in twist-lock valve
    Seals the sample (up to 30 psi) druing transportation to the analysis site
  • Up to 500 ml capacity
    For sampling low concentration levels
  • Positive rear plunger stop
    Prevents plunger from blowing out when contents are pressurized

The detection of low levels of various environmental contaminants can require extraordinarily large samples. Magnum syringes facilitate the trapping of such samples in remote locations. A built-in twist-lock valve allows the sample to be sealed within the syringe, maintaining sample integrity during transportation to the analysis site.

Magnums have been successfully used to sample atmospheric contaminants such as sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen at distant points of the earth. The positive displacement capability of the durable PTFE plunger seal permits use in a variety of subsequent procedures involving extraction or concentration of trace components. (With a cryogenic enrichment apparatus, for example.)

The standard termination is a female threaded fitting (1/4-28), which accepts a variety of low pressure Cheminert connectors or adapters. Specially formed seals permit leak-tight operation to 30 psi (approximately 2 atmospheres).

Sample size Needle Needle size Product No.
20 ml Standard .035" x .023" x 2" 060037
Luer .035" x .023" x 2" 060043
50 ml Standard .035" x .023" x 2" 060039
Luer .035" x .023" x 2" 060044
100 ml Standard .035" x .023" x 2" 060040
Luer .035" x .023" x 2" 060045
250 ml Standard .035" x .023" x 2" 060041
Luer .035" x .023" x 2" 060046
500 ml Standard .035" x .023" x 2" 060042
Luer .035" x .023" x 2" 060047


Removable needles,
  bevel, open end
30 psi max,
  gases and liquids



Because of the obvious danger in overpressurizing any glass container, the internal pressure of a Magnum gas syringe should never exceed 2 atmospheres.


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