Special Syringes for Rheodyne® Valves from VICI Precision Sampling

HPLC syringe
Special syringe for Rheodyne® Valves from VICI Precision Sampling
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Many Rheodyne valves allow the syringe needle to rub across the sealing surfaces – a tradeoff in a valve design which avoids the necessity of having to machine small concentric holes. To prolong the lifetime of these injectors, we offer a syringe with a PEEK tip which extends beyond the end of the needle so that only PEEK contacts the valve sealing surfaces.

The basic syringe is our C-160, fitted with a special 2" long 22 gauge needle with a blunt PEEK tip.

Available with fixed or removable needle.

Sample size Needle Product No.
5 µl Fixed 160021RT
Removable 160221RT
10 µl Fixed 160022RT
Removable 160222RT
25 µl Fixed 160023RT
Removable 160223RT
50 µl Fixed 160024RT
Removable 160224RT
100 µl Fixed 160025RT
Removable 160225RT


Fixed or removable needle

Blunt PEEK tip, open end, 2" long 22 gauge

250 psi max,
gases and liquids



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