D-140 Series Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

  • Total sample displacement
    The entire sample is contained in the needle, so it is totally injected when the plunger is depressed
  • Positive rear plunger stop
    Eliminates accidental plunger removal and resultant damage
  • Modular construction
    All parts are replaceable, with easy assembly and disassembly
Series D-140 syringe
D-140 Series syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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The D-140 Series is designed for small volume injection into gas chromatographs. Since the sample is totally contained within the needle, it is totally displaced by the plunger. Any residual sample or variation in sample size are minimized. (This also means that each size syringe has a different needle design. When ordering extra needles, be careful to specify the correct one.)

The PTFE seals, needle, plunger, and barrel are all replaceable. Thanks to superior alignment, the D-140 can be assembled time after time without difficulty or damage.

Sample size Needle size Needle tip Product No.
1 µl .019" x .005" x 2.5" Blunt, open end 140011
2 µl .019" x .008" x 2.5" Blunt, open end 140012
5 µl .028" x .012" x 2.5" Bevel, open end 140021
10 µl .028" x .018" x 2.5" Side port, taper 140022


Removable needles

30 psi max,
  gases and liquids



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