Mini Injector Syringes from VICI Precision Sampling

Mini injector syringe
Mini-Injector syringe from VICI Precision Sampling
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  • Reproducible sample injections down to 0.01µl
    Without a splitter
  • Sample carried in the plunger itself
    The groove containing the sample is machined on the plunger, insuring repeatable results

The Mini Injector is ideal for capillary GC work, allowing reproducible injection of small samples (down to 0.01 µl) without a splitter. This is possible through our unique use of a plunger-within-a-needle. The sample volume is carried in a precisely measureable groove ringing the wire plunger, with a durable PTFE packing to prevent leakage.

In use, the plunger is extended beyond the needle tip and dipped into the sample, where capillary actions fills the groove. Then the plunger is drawn through a PTFE wiper and back into the needle for protection. When the needle is inserted into the inlet and the plunger is depressed, the sample carried on the plunger groove enters the heated zone, where it is flash-vaporized and swept into the column.

Sample size Needle size Product No.
.01 µl .028" x .019" 170091
.10 µl .028" x .019" 170001


Fixed needle,
  bevel, open end



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