Valve Upgrade for EASY nLC Systems

  • Easy way to upgrade your nLC system
  • New stator design removes the possibility of causing damage by overtightening fittings designed to make a seal on the tube face
  • Buy a complete valve or upgrade the stator on your existing valve

Fittings which effect a seal at the tubing face can apply enough force against the bottom of a 1/16" ZDV detail to cause distortion of the stator surface. (See profilometer images below.) The distortion may only be a few 10,000ths of an inch, but itís enough to create a tiny leak which can be problematic when flow rates are in the nanoliters-per-minute range. This new stator design virtually eliminates the problem.

Description Product No.
Complete 6 port valve C82U-1676D-PRO2
Stator only, for installation on existing valve body C72-1C76U

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Max press: 20,000 psi liq
Max temp: 50°C
Stator: SS w/inert coating
Rotor: Valcon E3


Premature valve failure can also be caused by following the instrument manufacturers' instructions to put the valve in mid-position for a leak check. If you experience this problem, contact us for a special rotor with a dimple mid-position, which allows this test to be performed without damaging the valve.