Fused Silica Tube End Prep Kit

Fused silica tube end prep kit
Fused silica tube end prep kit
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  • Produces square cut, polished tube end
  • Eliminates dead volume caused by the high point left by typical FS tubing cuts
  • Clean flow path — particulates are removed with pressurized food-grade CO2

Normal methods of cutting fused silica leave a high spot, sabotaging efforts to minimize dead volume with fittings that make up on the face of the tube, like our new direct connect fitting. This kit includes everything needed for a simple lapping procedure which polishes the burred end into a clean, perfectly square-cut surface.

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Description Prod No
Fused Silica Prep Kit FS-KIT
  Kit includes: Quantity
   Food grade CO2 cartridge 2 FS-CC
   Manual on/off valve for CO2 cartridge 1 FS-MV
   CO2 cartridge stand 1 FS-CB
   Stainless adapter with 2 µm frit, valve to 360 µm fitting 1 FS-VA
   Ceramic wafer for cutting FS 1 FS-CW
   Lapping guide 1 FS-LG
   9 µm lapping pads, 2" diameter 4 FS-LP
   Lapping pad base 1 FS-LB
   Care Touch alcohol prep pads 20 FS-AP
   Loupe, 40x (not shown in photo) 1 FS-40X