Vertical Port HPLC Injectors for OEM Applications

vertical port injector

Models C2V and C72V are designed specifically for use in autosamplers. They are like our standard injectors except that the sample port is perpendicular to the valve axis. This permits the valve and actuator to be installed horizontally, while the syringe loads the injector vertically.

Vertical Port Injectors

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Description Fittings Application Bore SELECT:
Vertical port injector
1/16" Valco
1-16 inch Valco fitting
1-16 inch Valco PEEK fitting
Nanovolume® UHPLC 0.15 mm 10K, 15K, or 20K psi
Microbore UHPLC 0.25 mm 10K, 15K, or 20K psi
Microbore HPLC 0.25 mm PAEK or Nitronic 60
Analytical HPLC 0.40 mm PAEK or Nitronic 60
5,000 psi
1/16" ZDV 0.25 mm
0.40 mm