Standard Electric Actuators

standard electic valve actuator
  • Position indication
  • Manual or remote control
  • 110 VAC or 230 VAC (two position also available in 24 VDC CE-certified version)
  • No power demand on the chromatograph

Standard electric actuators may be operated manually by a toggle switch or automatically by any data system with momentary contact closures or 5 VDC negative true logic outputs. A complete system, the actuator includes interface cable, power cord, and manual controller assembly with position indication.

The SVI (serial valve interface) was designed specifically to interface standard electric actuators with RS-232 compatible systems, allowing control of up to six actuators via modem, BASIC program, or Valco-supplied PC software.

The standard electric actuator is designed for room temperature use. Valves which will be mounted in ovens require a standoff assembly.

Two position

Two position standard electric actuators may be operated manually or automatically. Also available in a 24 VDC CE-certified model.

Multiposition (for selectors)

Multiposition (selector) standard electric actuators have a manual controller with LED display to step the selector sequentially from one position to the next or to return to Position 1 (Home). These functions and others can be also be automated.



  • Electric actuators can be directly controlled by signals from microprocessor-based instruments or data systems, unlike air actuators, which require an interface to convert the signal to an air pulse.
  • Valves can be ordered with a standard electric actuator already installed. Refer to:


An actuator can be specified with closemount hardware, with a standoff, or with just the standoff mounting hardware, if your valve already has a standoff.