Trace Impurities in High Purity Hydrogen

In trace level detection, a critical aspect of detector performance is how quickly it recovers from the matrix peak. Many detectors are rendered inoperative until all of the matrix has left the ionization region of the detector. Since the discharge gas in the PDD is separate from the carrier stream, the bulk of the matrix peak never enters the discharge region, resulting in a speedy recovery.

trace impurities in bulk hydrogen

Courtesy of Unicam Chromatography, B. Lawrence and M. J. C. Smith

Run conditions
Sample 1 ml bulk hydrogen
Injector temp 100°C
Detector mode Helium photoionization
Discharge gas Helium @ 30 ml/min
Dopant gas None
Detector temp 100°C
Columns Stripper 0.5 m x 1/8" Silica gel
Heartcut Molesieve 5Å, 1 m x 1/8"
Analysis Molesieve 5Å, 2 m x 1/8"
Column temp 80°C