Analysis of pesticide residues in soil, water, and food is crucial for maintaining safe levels in the environment. The PDD in the ECD mode is highly selective for monitoring electron capturing compounds such as chlorinated pesticides and other halogens. This chromatogram illustrates the sensitivity of the non-radioactive PDECD for such compounds.

pesticide analysis

Courtesy of Ohio University's Center for Intelligent Chemical Instrumentation, Glen P. Jackson and Anthony R. J. Andrews, Ph.D.

Run conditions
Sample Pesticide calibration mix
Sample volume 1 µl, 10:1 split
Injector temp 275°C
Detector mode Electron capture
Discharge gas Helium @ 30 ml/min
Dopant gas 5% methane in helium @ 2.4 mL/min
Detector temp 330°C
Column HP-5, 25 m x 0.32 mm x 25 µm
Column temp 150°C to 300°C at 10°C/min
Attenuation 1