Impurities in Hydrocarbon Feedstocks

Feedstock purity is a prime consideration in the polymer industry, since it determines the feedstock's quality and value. Detection and quantitation of minor impurities can be problematic, requiring complex column switching to prevent the matrix peak from overwhelming the detector. Since the PDD's discharge gas stream is separate from its carrier stream, the matrix peak never enters the discharge region; thus, the PDD recovers as soon as the peak elutes from the column, minimizing analysis time.

impurities in hydrocarbon feedstocks

Courtesy of Dow Chemical, Canada
Western Canada Operations, Analytical Sciences, Jim Luong

Run conditions
Sample 250 µl of a synthetic standard of hydrocarbons in ethylene
Detector mode Helium photoionization
Discharge gas Helium
Dopant gas None
Detector temp 100°C
Column CP-Porabond Q, 25m x 0.53mm
Column temp 600°C
Attenuation 1