30 ppb Vinyl Chloride in Nitrogen

Vinyl chloride is widely used in the manufacture of many types of plastic and vinyl materials. A PDD in the argon photoionization mode is the ideal choice for monitoring its concentration in ambient air. In the argon mode, the detector is "blind" to the air matrix but can "see" (ionize) vinyl chloride. This chromatogram illustrates the certification of a custom blend of 30 ppb vinyl chloride in nitrogen, demonstrating the PDD's sensitivity and reproducibility at low levels.

vinyl chloride in nitrogen

Courtesy of Scott-Marrin, Inc., John Marrin, president

Run conditions
Sample 30 ppb vinyl chloride in nitrogen
Sample volume 250 µl, external loop injection valve
Detector mode Argon photoionization
Discharge gas 1.5% Ar (mole) in helium @ 30 ml/min
Dopant gas None
Detector temp 40°C
Column 100% dimethylpolysiloxane, 20 m x 0.053 mm
Column temp Ambient, isothermal
Attenuation 2 x 10