10 ppt SF6 in ultrapure air

Manufacturers of calibration gas mixtures demand detectors with the highest sensitivity, selectivity, and ease of use. SF6, a popular tracer in ambient air quality monitoring, is usually detected with a radioactive ECD (electron capture detector). This chromatogram demonstrates the superior performance of the PDD - performance that makes it an excellent choice for analyzing electron capturing impurities in gases meant for ECDs.

sf6 in air

Courtesy of Scott-Marrin, Inc., John Marrin, president

Run conditions
Sample 10 ppt SF6 in ultrapure air
Sample volume 1 ml, injection valve
Detector mode Electron capture
Discharge gas Helium @ 30 ml/min
Dopant gas 5% methane in helium, 2 ml/min
Detector temp 40°C
Column 4' x 1/8" OD molecular sieve 5Å packed column
Column temp Ambient, isothermal
Attenuation 2 x 10-1