Microbore HPLC Through-the-Handle Injector

5,000 psi
1/16" 0.25 mm

Model C1 is a 6 port through-the-handle external loop injector designed for direct replacement of existing competitive models. Because the handle is integral to the design, all Model C1 valves are manual.

When the handle is moved to the inject position, the remote start mechanism incorporated into the handle provides a contact closure that can be used to start the LC and/or data system.

Direct syringe loading with a C1 injector allows a choice between the partial-filling method, in which the injection volume is determined by a syringe, and full-loop injection, in which the volume is determined by the size of the loop.

Cheminert through-the-handle injector
HPLC through-the-handle injector
close move

Valves with a PAEK stator include 1/16" PEEK nuts and ferrules and a 5 µl PEEK sample loop. Valves with an N60 stator include 1/16" stainless steel nuts and ferrules and a 5 µl SS sample loop. Order other sample loops separately.

5,000 psi
1/16" 0.25 mm
6 port schematic

Microbore HPLC through-the-handle injectors

Available only in manual version. Remote start feature included.

Stator material Description Product No.
PAEK 6 port injector C1-1346
Replacement rotor C1-13R6
Replacement stator C-1C46
N60 SS 6 port injector C1-1006
Replacement rotor C1-10R6
Replacement stator C-1C06
Replacement injector fitting
injector fitting


PAEK/Valcon E rotor
  5,000 psi liq at 50°C
N60/Valcon H rotor
  5,000 psi liq at 75°C


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