Purge Housings for Valco Valves

purge housing for Valco valves
Purge housing for Valco valves
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Purge housings for Valco valves eliminate any possible diffusion from the atmosphere into the valve, or safely vent fugitive emissions from the valve. They are typically used in trace level analyses to isolate the valve from ambient air, but can also be used as a safety measure to isolate a valve against leaks into the atmosphere, such as when pyrophoric, toxic, or carcinogenic materials are present in the sample stream.

Two screws secure each half of the purge housing to the valve, so that the rear chamber of the housing (the preload assembly/spring side of the valve) can be removed for rotor inspection or replacement without affecting the actuator side of the housing.

All Valco two position valves with two threaded mounting holes will accommodate a purge housing without modification. Some two position valves must be modified at the factory to accept the housing. The charge for modifying an existing valve includes the new purge housing.


Because there are so many variables, purge housings should not be ordered without consulting one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

Ideally, the purge housing should be ordered at the same time as the valve so that it can be factory-installed.

Field installation of a purge housing is generally not recommended.

Description Notes
On a new valve
  • Add suffix PH to valve product number, and contact the factory for the additional price.
  • Requires standoff assembly, which can be 2", 3", 4", or 6" long.
  • Selectors (multiposition valves) require an actuator.
On existing valve,
factory installation
Contact factory
On existing valve,
field installation
Not recommended


Max temp: 175°C

Note: The purge housing limits the maximum temperature of the purged valve to 175°C regardless of the valve specifications.