Microelectric Actuators - Which Two Position Actuator Do I Need?

Some valves are harder or easier than others to rotate, so we offer five two position microelectric models with a range of torque specs. Consult the tables below to determine which model is appropriate for the valve you wish to actuate.

Valve type Fitting size Valve type Actuator model
Valco valves for GC 1/32" W EH
1/16" W EH
1/16" UW ED
1/8" UW ED
1/4" MW ET
Valco valves for HPLC 1/32" W EP
1/16" W EP
1/16" UW ED
1/8" UW ED
Valve type Valve model Number of ports Actuator model
Cheminert valves
for LC and HPLC
All All EH
Cheminert valves
C72 4 and 6 EH
8 and 10 ED
C74 4 EH