Heater Assemblies

heater assembly
Heater assembly
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A heater assembly includes a standard heater block, heater cartridge, and line cord. Heater cartridges are also available individually.

Available for 110 VAC and 230 VAC operation.

Non-CE; use restricted within the EU.

Heater assemblies - 110 VAC

For use with: Rating Voltage Product No.
HVEA or HVEB 65W/350°C 110 VAC HA1
230 VAC HA1-220
HVEC 100W/350°C 110 VAC HA1T
230 VAC HA1T-220
HVE2 125W/350°C 110 VAC HA2
230 VAC HA2-220
HVE3 150W/350°C 110 VAC HA3
230 VAC HA3-220
HVE6 300W/350°C 110 VAC HA6
230 VAC HA6-220